What time do I have to arrive at my assigned Polling Place?
To complete “Opening the Polling Place” procedures, all Election Judges must arrive at their assigned Polling Place no later than 5 a.m.

How many hours will I have to work?
Illinois law requires that the polls be open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m.  All Election Judges must arrive at the polls no later than 5 a.m. and must remain until the “Closing the Polling Place” procedures are completed.  Two Election Judges, one from each political party, must return the supplies in the same vehicle.

Can I work a half day and can another Election Judge come in for the rest of the day?
No, In order to maintain the integrity of the election, the Election Judges who opened the Polling Place equipment and signed the zero tape in the morning must also be present to sign all the closing documentation.

Will I be paid the same day I come in for training?
No.  In order to be paid for attending a training class, you must also serve on Election Day.

When do I receive my paycheck if I work an election?
On Election Day you will fill out a payroll sheet and will receive your check approximately one month after serving.

Will I have to report my earnings to the Department of Employment Security or declare the earnings on my Federal Tax Return?
The County Clerk’s Office does not issue W-2 forms. It is the responsibility of the person receiving the funds to report the earnings. This is based on IRS requirements.  If you have any questions, you should contact your personal financial advisor.

Where do I vote if I am not working in my precinct?
All Election Judges are encouraged to take advantage of a Vote by Mail Ballot or Early Voting.

How will I know if I am working on Election Day?
You will receive an assignment letter from the County Clerk’s Office indicating which Polling Place you are to report to on Election Day.

How do you determine how many Republican and Democratic Election Judges work at a Polling Place?
The number of Republican and Democratic Judges is determined by an average of the three most recent Governor’s races.

How often is the County Clerk required to train Election Judges?
Before being assigned to work, all Election Judges are required to attend a two-hour training class.  After this, Election Judges are required to be trained every two years.

I signed up to be an Election Judge in my own precinct but I am never called to work there. Why?
Although our office attempts to place Election Judges in their own precincts, it is not always possible to do this.  Election Judges who are appointed by their Precinct Committeepersons must be placed in their precincts.  If we are unable to place Election Judges in their own precincts, we make every attempt to place them as close to home as possible. Election Judges who are willing to travel outside of their precinct are paid mileage.

How are Election Judges appointed?
Five Election Judges are appointed to serve in each precinct, three representing one of the major political parties, Democratic or Republican, and two representing the other. The Precinct Committeeperson of each respective Precinct furnishes the County Clerk with a certified list of persons to serve as Election Judges for their precincts.  At its July meeting in even-numbered years, the Will County Board approves Judges from these lists.  If the Precinct Committeemen do not furnish the list, it is the responsibility of the County Clerk, Township Party Chairpersons, and Central Party Chairpersons to fill the positions. The Circuit Court confirms the appointment of Election Judges for a two-year term of service. Once commissioned, Election Judges perform their duties as officers of the court.  An individual commissioned to serve as an Election Judge is obligated to be available for each election during the two year period. In addition to the five regular Judges appointed, alternate Judges are appointed and commissioned in the same manner.

Will I be provided food for lunches, snacks and dinner?
No. The County Clerk’s office does not provide food during the day. Our budget does not allow for food and beverage. You are always encouraged to bring a cooler with food and water or soft drinks you will need for the day, as it may not always be possible for someone to leave the Polling Place to purchase food.