JOLIET – Will County Clerk Lauren Staley Ferry is pleased to announce she will increase the pay for Election Judges who serve in a Polling Place during the Nov. 3 Presidential Election by $100, bringing their total pay to $250 from $150.

In addition, the County Clerk will raise the hourly pay for Early Voting election workers hired through her office to $20 from $13.

These will be one-time pay increases for the November Election covered through CARES Act funding.

“The pay increases show our deep appreciation for the valuable service our Election Judges and Early Voting workers provide to voters during what is certain to be an unprecedented Presidential Election,” Clerk Staley Ferry said. “We understand that assisting the public during a pandemic creates significant health safety concerns. In addition to providing extra compensation, we want them to know we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe when they are assisting voters.”

The Will County Clerk’s Office has drafted detailed health safety protocols for Election Day and Early Voting to minimize exposure to COVID-19. The office is providing health safety supplies for judges and election workers that include protective masks, face shields, gloves, disinfectant wipes, individual hand sanitizers, and a large hand sanitizing station for each Polling Place and Early Voting location.

The pay increase also acknowledges the additional health safety work they will be asked to perform by wiping down pens, voting booths, and other commonly used surfaces with disinfectant cloths throughout the day. They also will be asked to encourage voters to wear protective masks and maintain proper social distancing.

“We all have had extensive personal experience protecting ourselves in public places during the pandemic,” the County Clerk said. “We go into this election with a better understanding of how to keep ourselves safe and with all the supplies and equipment needed to minimize risk.”

Clerk Staley Ferry added: “We had so many Election Judges from both political parties who stood with us during the Primary and who remain steadfast for November. The service they provide is the foundation for a free and fair election.”

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