The Sold & Forfeited Tax Inquiry is a real-time system used to look up current information on unpaid Real Estate Tax balances that have gone through Tax Sale or been held by the Will County Treasurer as unpaid and forfeited.


  • Open the Inquiry link above and input a valid Parcel Number (PIN).
  • Sold or forfeited tax information will appear if any such information exists within the last 10 years.
  • Results will appear under their relevant headings:
    Forfeiture – Tax Years that were unpaid but withheld from Tax Sale and are currently held as forfeited tax balances by the Will County Treasurer will be listed here.
    Tax Sale Redemption – Tax Years that were unpaid and sold at the annual Tax Sale will be listed here. Note that a given year may include additional subsequent years’ taxes. Click on the PIN for any year to see additional detail.
    History – Historical forfeited years’ taxes that have been satisfied or disposed will be listed here.

Tax Sale Redemption data may include information in the “DISP” field, indicating the balance owed has been disposed in some manner and is no longer currently due in its original form. A disposed balance is no longer open and payable to the Will County Clerk. Possible dispositions include:

  • Redeemed:  The delinquent balance has been paid by the property owner or their representative.
  • Sale in Err:  The Tax Buyer has filed a Sale in Error, returning the unpaid balance to County ownership. The balance may now exist as a Forfeituremay have already been resold at a subsequent Tax Sale, or may have been added to an existing subsequent sale.
  • Deed Issued:  A Tax Deed has been issued to the Tax Buyer and ownership of the property has transferred.
  • Void:  The balance was not redeemed, but the Tax Buyer did not act upon their statutory authority to obtain Tax Deed or file a Sale in Error.
  • Cancelled:  The Tax Buyer has surrendered their certificate of lien on the subject property. No balance is currently due for this year and no lien is active.

Additional information on any particular year can be obtained by clicking on the PIN in that year’s row of the search results. Here you may find information relating to the name of the redeeming party, date of redemption, subsequent year’s taxes included in the balance, etc. If the balance is still unpaid, a “Total Amount to Redeem” will be displayed.

While this inquiry is updated in real-time with our internal database, subsequent year’s taxes and/or some fees may take one full business day to be reflected.  Consult our page on Interest & Fees for information about the timing of possible changes to the balance due.

The site cannot distinguish between an Invalid PIN and one with simply no delinquent taxes. To verify that you are searching for a valid PIN, you may wish to verify it by searching for its current tax bill information at

For more information on Tax Redemption email or call (815) 740-4615.